The song “Jesus revives me” and “Getting the difference” were in the top five most requested songs on television and radio stations. Following this release , he was back in the studio in 1995 and released “The Answer”. This up-tempo and hit laden eleven songs album appeals to a wide international audience. Again this album was in the top ten for 4 weeks with the title track being the most requested song nationwide. 

To date Paul has released 6 albums all with original songs that he has single handedly Penned. Paul’s latest release “The Grace of God featuring Come on lets praise the Lord in an African way”, is destined to command a lot of air play in many countries.

This anointed music continues to rise up to greater levels all around the African And some European regions and now in the U.S. His music is a combination of many different styles and genres from contemporary to pop ,jazz and afro-beat and that is what makes it unique and appealing to different cultures and audiences. Paul is not only a singer/songwriter but also a musician and producer.

He has produced most of his songs in his home studio and has had a privilege of producing other African artists work. He started playing guitar at the age of 14 and he also plays keyboards. Paul is a member of ASCAP as a songwriter and as a publisher bearing the name Paul T music. In Southern Africa Paul has been featured on national TV and radio stations programs. He has participated in numerous benefit concerts in the region and helped many orphaned children .In U.S he has been featured on programs like “Up Close and Personal” in Dallas , TX and Youth Champions.